Catmose College, Oakham


We were commissioned to provide an operational brief and design strategy for a catering facility that would support a college environment, demonstrating adaptability and sustainability.

Size of Kitchen        150 sq meters
Scope of project        RIBA Stages D – K
Production capacity    1250 meals / lunchtime meal service
Meal Service System    Fresh production

The catering and dining areas are located within a central atrium, which contains other shared resources.

Our approach for delivery

Ellis Millar Architects with Buro Four (B4) as the project managers led the project.  Timelines were short for the production of the initial strategy document, as the programme had moved into RIBA stage D when we were appointed.

The strategy was based on the provision of up to 1250 freshly produced meals during a lunchtime meal service with a throughput of 8 pupils a minute.
The detailed design was focused on providing an ergonomic facility with a low carbon footprint.


The outline of the catering department and dining hall had been determined prior to our appointment, which presented some challenges in terms of designing efficient working flows around physical constraints, such as the position of the lift shaft.  This was overcome by the use of versatile catering and service equipment.

The required levels of throughput were overcome by designing a twin servery counter with cashless payment stations and the implementation of an effective plate clearing system.


This production kitchen has the capability of meeting the educational ‘Food for Life Catering Mark’ Standards, which supports the production of freshly prepared meals. The front of house equipment meets the Architects design criteria and operationally provides efficient customer flows.