Reading Borough Council School Meal Service


case-study-1We were commissioned to review the catering equipment in the production kitchens of 48 schools across the Borough. The purpose of the exercise was to provide the Client with a register of appliances, a predicted annual equipment replacement cost phased over the next 10-years and a life cycle cost for each kitchen.

Our approach for delivery

The project involved visiting each school and logging every piece of catering equipment to form an asset register of appliances.

A database was formulated detailing the make, model, serial number, age and condition of the equipment in each kitchen. Replacement costs were calculated providing the individual schools and the council with the predicted capital investment required over the next 10-years to maintain the catering facilities.


case-study-2Some of the equipment was in excess of 15-years old and is no longer manufactured, therefore replacement costs were based on a comparable appliance in terms of capacity, size and duty.
Operational demands such as production levels and cleaning regimes influenced the life of the equipment. Where maintenance programmes were not in place and repairs were carried out on an ad hoc basis it was challenging to estimate both the life span and lifecycle cost of the equipment.


Equipment replacement often improves energy efficiency therefore recommendations were made on alternative models that would be more cost effective in the future operation of Reading Borough Councils Catering Services.

As a result of our input improved catering equipment layouts will be adopted to provide more energy efficient facilities.  The will reduce the carbon footprint of the catering services, operated by the Council, and enable higher levels of production within a smaller footprint.