Stephenson Harwood


In partnership with the Stephenson and Harwood catering team we were commissioned to undertake a review of the catering services and provide a strategy for the provision of the future food and beverage service at their new office Headquarters in 1, Finsbury Circus London.

Our Approach

We identified the users of the building and formed a structure of the potential customer base. In doing this we engaged with the operational team and participated in key stakeholder meetings to gain a broad base knowledge of the potential scope of the services.  As part of our research we carried out a customer survey to establish the needs of all the different user groups.

From the information collated we developed a concept, strategy and business case for the future food and beverage service including a retail outlet.

Catering - cafe


Previous efforts to provide a food and beverage offer, as a benefit to the users of the building, had failed.  It was therefore essential for us to work closely with stakeholders at all levels to ensure people bought into the scheme and the final offer would meet the needs of the majority of the targeted market.

As with any retail catering outlet in the centre of London there is plenty of competition in the high street, therefore in order for the facility to be sustainable, the concept had to be adaptable to changing needs and future trends.


The main kitchen is equipped to support the both the provision of the hospitality service and freshly prepared food for sale in the café.

With our support on an operational level the uptake of the service is high, consequently turnover has exceeded expectations and a good profit margin is being achieved.

We designed the operational manuals and food safety documentation, which has been successfully implemented by the staff who have achieved a 5-score rating by the environmental health authority.