Catering Appraisals & Reviews

Our catering appraisals and reviews provide our Clients with a position statement in terms of operational efficiencies, productivity, turnover, profitability and legal compliance.

The depth and contents of the review is determined by the size of the organisation, the sector of the market and scope of the services.  These cover operations in both the Public and Private Sectors and include but are not limited to the following:


  • Patient profile
  • Management structures
  • Style of meal service systems
  • Menu compilation, cycle, diversity
  • Ward & departmental issues
  • Labour divisions & structures
  • Dietetics; cultural, religious & therapeutic
  • Staff & visitor catering provision
  • Facilities
  • Legal compliance


  • Menu composition
  • Quality and Providence of ingredients
  • Procurement
  • Labour input hours
  • Catering v other school activities
  • Throughput
  • Food Safety

Restaurants & Staff Catering

  • Concept
  • Competition
  • Targeted market / Uptake figures
  • Subsidy / profitability
  • Quality / value for money

The information collated from a strategic review of an operation enables our Clients to look at opportunities for the way forward.