Energy Efficiency & Lifecycle costs

KEG helps our Clients to save energy and reduce their operational costs.
Energy efficiency is addressed in every element of our services and we provide advice on how to implement energy saving initiatives:

  • Identification of energy deficient equipment
  • Monitoring and Sub metering advise
  • Information on new energy saving technologies
  • Capital investment v Operational expenditure
  • Poor operational practices
  • Implementation of improved cooking methods
  • Environmentally friendly designs

We are known for becoming heavily involved in energy saving initiatives, which include:

CIBSE Guide T90 – Energy Efficiency in Commercial Kitchens – Co-author

Energy Efficiency Accelerator Guide – Representative for FCSI on DEFRA Working Group

Carbon Trust Calculator – Representative for FCSI on Carbon Trust Working Group

        Executive member of the Catering for a Sustainable Future Group (CFSFG)

Statistics show that a production kitchen can use as much as 40% of the energy consumption in a commercial building!

It is imperative that energy usage is calculated effectively taking everything into account from the complexity of the menu through to the lifecycle of the facility.  This is something we can help you with!